D and J go to Lapland: Travelling to and Arriving in Lapland

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Last Friday, Daniel and I travelled to beautiful, beautiful Lapland; our way there was looooooong. We left the house at around 6.15 in the morning to head to Gatwick, where we started the day with a hearty breakfast at the Grain Store which was super tasty.

We were heading to Rovaniemi, but to get there you pretty much have to go through Helsinki (as far as I understand it anyway) and I managed to book us flights that included a 5 hour transit, great work on my behalf, but oh well. On the flights and during the transit time, we kept ourselves entertained with the UFC 196 Press conference (I admit I like the drama surrounding it, just not the actual fights), kanelbullar, aimless wandering around, our books and his playing cards.

We arrived at our first hotel at around 10 o'clock Finish time, and I for one was pretty hungry. Turns out, we were in a pretty deserted place where it wasn't the easiest to come by food. We tried to call a pizza service, which brought us ... laughter, lots of it. We first didn't get through a million times and then got someone who could only speak Finish (and I'd like to say here that I don't expect people to speak English, it was just funny because we were such touristy idiots) and hung up on us. In hindsight, we're not even sure it was the right number, because it was just too odd. Just imagine some tourist calling up your landline and asking if you deliver pizza :D. So needless to say, we did not have pizza that night, our 'dinner' was similarly unhealthy though:

It wasn't great to be honest, but it was pretty much all the vending machines had to offer. It was also about 10 minutes before I realised I had managed to lose my liquid bag during the transit time. Super annoying because of my cosmetics, even more annoying because it had my eye cream in that I'm pretty reliant on because of my corneal erosions. But, thank goodness, nothing happened that night (even though it often does WITH the cream, so it really was so lucky) and the next morning we trekked to the nearest pharmacy (which was actually only about 10 mins away) and we realised that it really was all worth it because look how pretty it looks:

I'll stop with this one now, but there's still a ton of photos to come! I hope you're having a great week :)

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