Wunderlist Wisdom - My Ultimate Guide

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Recently I've been falling more and more in love with this little app called Wunderlist. It's essentially a beautiful to-do list app, but it's made so well and the options for using it are limitless. I spoke about it on here before, but since I feel that I've really gotten the hang of it now, I thought I'd share my favourite ways to use it. 

Grocery Shopping - I share this list with Daniel (sharing between users is very straight forward). The desktop app makes it super quick to write out the ingredients that I need for a recipe, whereas the phone app is great for when I think of something we need on the go. Having done that, it's super easy for whomever goes shopping first to get whatever's possible to get at that shop... it's a great way to keep an up-to-date list of what's needed. 

♥ Travelling - I have a "Cities [Eat | Drink | Do]" list in which I've listed any city I'm hoping to visit one day as a task and then in the subtasks, I keep track of for example restaurants in that city that I read about on blogs. I find this super helpful, because before I started doing this, whilst I'd have the memory that there was somewhere I really wanted to go in a particular city, I could never find that particular blogpost again, strange huh? The internet is such a small place... I've also made it a habit to mark any place we've actually tried and liked with a star, so if someone asks for recommendations, I've made it easy for myself to remember. 

Read | Watch | Do - for this I have a folder in which I keep different lists for books (divided into job relevant and pleasure reads), films and activities. Again, I think this is a great way to save recommendations straight away and all in one local place. For this one I also often make use of Wunderlist’s plugin, particularly when I come across a book on Amazon I’d like to read; it really couldn’t be simpler.

” - Another folder. In this one I’ve got lists for books, films and recipes that I read/watched/made and liked. I used to find it so difficult to respond to people asking if I had recently watched, read or made anything I could recommend and I knew I had, but just couldn’t think about it (can you tell I’ve got a terrible memory?). It’s also great when you’re having a crappy day and you want to for example watch and eat something comforting.

Present Ideas and Birthdays - I keep a list with just the names of my nearest and dearest, and then in their descriptions, I put their birthdays as the due date and a reminder 7-10 days before, and in the sub-tasks, I put down any ideas I have for presents that they might like (where possible with a link). Note: I'm still not very good at actually sending cards, I'm working on that, but at least the reminder's are in place haha. (A. I am so sorry you still don't have a card, you will get one, even if birthday card would be a slightly ridiculous thing to call it by now)

Food - of course there has to be a whole folder for food duuuuh. Here I have individual lists for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Baking and I again use the plugin to save recipes I come across online straight to the appropriate list. I guess this is what other people would do on Pinterest, and I still do this sometimes, but I find this one more useful in a practical sense, when I’m for example out and just want to get a quick idea. 

♥ MSc - I started a Master's course a couple of weeks back, so I obviously started a folder for this one too in which I have lists for the modules I'm taking this term to keep track of readings I need to do etc. Little tip if you're not very familiar with Wunderlist, if you have group work at university, you could use Wunderlist to collaborate by sharing a list and allocating the tasks on it, and commenting on the tasks - pretty handy. 

Daily Tasks - I don’t actually keep this one as a separate list (I like to keep things clean), but have it in my inbox. Anything I need to/want to do on a daily basis, I put in there and set it as “repeat everyday” and I tell it to remind me at a certain time everyday. This is mainly for dull stuff, but it’s really helped me to get it done, because I try to just quickly do it, when the reminder pops up.

Small Stuff - Again, this one doesn’t have its own list, and I spoke about it before, but I try to write it down with a reminder, whenever I said I’d do something for someone else, because it’s happened way too often that I had the intention and then just forgot, and I don’t like being that person, I like to be the one who delivers on what they said, they’d do. 

I know some of these might be really obvious to other people, I just know that they weren’t for me, and only came over time, so I thought I’d share my Wunderlist Wisdom and I hope it helps at least some of you.

All the love,


P.S. Yes, I know it’s a little sad to write this on a Saturday night, but I’m in bed, because I’m ill, so I thought I might as well. I hope you’re doing more exciting things at the time I post this (and yes, also being in bed and watching Netflix totally counts!)

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