Our Icelandic Adventure: Reykjadalur

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

We're back from Iceland, and whilst I'm normally quite ready to go back when we do, this time I was definitely a little bit sad - I loved this beautiful island. By now I'm really quite certain that I'm made to live in a nordic country, maybe this could happen one day? 
After arriving in really sunny weather (and sadly spending about 2 hours of it trying to sort out getting the car we'd already arranged before, which is a story for another day) on Friday, the weather didn't look so promising the next day. We had been planning to go whale watching on Saturday, but were told that the weather was too bad. So what do two bright individuals decide to do in bad weather? Of course it could only be: Hike three kilometres up and around a mountain to get to a geothermal, bathable hot river. It was absolutely beautiful, but also pretty challenging; it was incredibly windy and on the way down it started pouring with rain. At times we were genuinely a little scared that we'd blow out of the way and fall down the side of the mountain, and we got so, so soaked on our way down (did you know that it's not just a comedy thing where people turn their shoes up-side-down and water flows out?), but I still absolutely LOVED every moment of it. I also really came to appreciate my hiking boots, I'm not sure my ankles would have held up otherwise.

We had planned to do two more stops that day, as well as eat in a restaurant I had especially picked up that would be somewhere, just a little out of the way, on the way back. What actually happened was that we were on that mountain a lot longer and got a lot wetter and exhausted than anticipated, so we went back for a hot shower and Dominos. Yep, there I said it. We were in a cool country, and on just one night, we decided to call it a day, get Dominos (shout out to the lovely people there who delivered to us even without an icelandic number, you saved our evening!) and watch a film. It was a perfect day. 

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