Photo Diary: The Dark Knight Trilogy, A Sunny Walk and The Gate

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Last Bank Holiday monday, Daniel and I, cool kids that we are, decided to go to the Prince Charles Cinema to see the Dark Knight Trilogy and I'm pleased to inform you that it was absolutely tremendous. We started our film date off with some Wholefoods food, salad and hot food box, sushi and pizza - dreamy and the films, hopefully you'll all know just how great they are. 

In order to counteract staying inside a dark room all day for one day, I went for a lovely little sunny walk another day. 

And then yesterday we went on another date night using two of Daniel's birthday presents from his family: a voucher to our (my) favourite restaurant The Gate and tickets to see Dylan Moran, here's some photos of what we had for dinner :)

Pear and raspberry juice, it's so delicious, it's velvet-y and gentle? I know gentle is a strange way to describe a drink, I guess you'll just have to try it :)

Grilled asparagus rotolo with herbed ricotta - nom nom nom.

Mushroom stuffed gnocchi - so delightfully delicious I will probably dream about this dish.

Herb polenta chips with garlic aioli - a must...

Sticky date pudding - there are no words for how delicious this was, maybe photos though, this is the original photo where you can see how Daniel could literally not stay away. 

I hope you all had a lovely week :) I'd love to hear about it.


Things to Try Thursday - 28/05/15

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Aloha! How's your week going? Mine's going pretty well, I'm finally managing to slowly get back into healthier food again (with chocolate bar-shaped exceptions of course) and when it works, it makes me feel pretty good. On Tuesday I made the Deliciously Ella green lentil, courgette and avocado salad (though with a slightly different dressing, because I'm loving basil at the moment) and sweet potato wedges with smoked paprika (nom!) and Daniel made some chargrilled Halloumi to go with it (he's the master of the criss-cross chargrill!). It was de-licious. I'm also forever in love with Daniel's super simple 15 minute tomato pasta (yes, yes I of course also love one that has cooked for several hours, it's just two different dishes that I don't think should be compared), pictured above.

One of the most important factors for me is to start the day right and eat something good before I get really hungry, because once I get hungry, my good intentions often go overboard and I get sad as a result.

What are you cooking up at the moment? I'd love to hear.

Anyway, let's get on with recipes I came across last week that I think would be nice to try. I've never actually made anything with Chia seeds (they scare me), but I have to say these two recipes tempt me (even though I'm sure the smoothie would be just fine without them too):

♥ Can you think of a better way to start the morning? - Coconut Citrus Sunshine Smoothie
♥ What's this? Good looking snack bars with no nuts in? I'm game! - Date and Oat Bars

♥ I already told you about my love for all things sweet potato and avocado right? - Spicy Sweet Potato Chip and Avocado Sammie
♥ I'm not sure I'd use these fancy flours, but the combination of granola and pear in a scone sounds delightful - Mini Granola and Pear Scones
♥ Oh yum - I imagine these would be lovely with either a nice lemon-y Aioli or a spicy Marinara dip - Baked Asparagus Fries
♥ Doesn't this just sound like the most refreshing thing in the world - Cucumber Basil Spa Pops
♥ I love me some cauliflower - Spaghetti with Cauliflower, Burrata and Thyme

I'm getting myself back into Pinterest for finding new things (some of the links above for example), so I'd love to find some new people to follow (do you say follow for Pinterest? I feel like I'm not down with it...), so it'd be amazing if you'd like to share your usernames/names of other people you think are worth following :)

Have a great day!


A Waterstones date, Borough Market and Said London or how to spend a splendid Saturday

Monday, 25 May 2015

On Saturday I ventured into London for a lovely day out. I went in with Daniel for a long anticipated Waterstones date. I just love being in bookshops so much, and we recently started reading before bedtime again, so we thought it'd be nice to go for some inspiration. We went to the one in Piccadilly Circus and I could have literally spent days in it! What are you reading at the moment? Do you have any recommendations? We had also planned to go to Borough Market together afterwards, but due to my poor time planning that bit turned into a rather rushed 10 minutes, but efficient that we are, we managed to get the most delicious wild mushrooms, which we turned into the tastiest creamy wild mushroom pasta I've ever had! I'm always so amazed how crazy good simplicity can taste when you use truly good ingredients.

After sprinting off (without giving back Daniel's car keys that he stored in my handbag whoops), I went to meet the lovely Louise (from Beside the Danube) for a long overdue catch up. I love meeting up with her so, she's one of those people where I always leave in a happy mood and feeling inspired ♥.
We met up at Said London, a magical hot chocolate place, I simply had to try after seeing the wonderful Freya and Tania blog about it (here and here).  It loved it there (even though the checking nothing contained any nuts led to even more confusion than usually). Everything was so delicious; I had a hot (milk) chocolate, a pear and elderflower lemonade and a piece of their vegetable quiche. Like I said, everything was tasty, but of course we're here to talk about the hot chocolate. It was in fact the best I've ever had. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with hot chocolate, I will sometimes find myself craving it, but will stop liking it about two sips in. I'm pleased to report that this did not happen here. It's obviously very rich, but it's not very milky (probably because it's more like chocolate sauce than like hot chocolate as I know it), I realised that it's not the richness that usually puts me off, but the milkiness (I don't like milk, I should really have been able to figure it out before). It was actually so tasty that I regretted not going for a large one. 

I hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday.

Things to Try Thursday - 21/05/15

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hello hello hello, how's your week going? I'm still in the middle of applying for jobs, and the more cover letters I write, the more I realise just how much I want to work in employee engagement, it just seems so worthwhile and it give my job the sort of purpose I'd like it to have.

On a more mundane level, I've been embracing tea more again, oh how I love this stuff, every sip just makes me so happy. Is that sad? On one side maybe it is, but then I actually don't think it's a bad thing to be happy about the little things in life, in a way that's what it's all about, isn't it? I'd love you to let me know if you have any tea favourites at the moment :)

Anyway, here's some recipes I found that I think would be very worth trying.

♥  This just scores on all levels - Tomato Coconut Cassoulet
♥  I'm constantly very hungry, so this one had to be included - Really Hungry Burger
♥  Looks perfect for a Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake, or preferably tea and cake) in the garden with beloved friends this summer - Lemon and Thyme Glazed Bundt Cake     
♥  Oh yes please - Spinach and Artichoke Enchiladas
♥  Forever in love with everything lentil - Vegan Lentil Soup
♥  I could live of sweet potatoes and burritos, so this is right up my street (although I've never tried green rice, worth a shot?) - Vegan Sweet Potato Green Rice Burrito Bowls
♥  Looks so comforting - Thai Curried Butternut Squash Soup
♥  I love yoga, I love food, what's not to love - Yoga Pot            

Are there any recipes you came across this week you thought were worth trying? Please do share the love. Have a wonderful day.



Weekend at home

Monday, 18 May 2015

The weekend was tasty, beautiful and of course very cozy; highlights included, but were not limited to:

♥ The wedding itself
♥ Dancing the night away
♥ The bride changing into jeans half way through the night to enable better dancing the night away too
♥ My lovely mum picking us up in the middle of the night so we didn't have to spend money on a cab (she apparently was awake anyway, I promise)
♥ Lots and lots of good food, including the most incredible coconut and lime+mint icecream, burgers, sushi and cake
♥ Discovering the cutest little café with Daniel and my aunt
♥ What felt like thousands of episodes of New Girl on the coziest sofa this planet has ever seen with Daniel and wonderful cups of tea
♥ Playing with the dogs in the garden
♥ Seeing spring in all of its beauty - seriously how wonderful is that green?

Here's some photos of the weekend.
1. The wedding (unfortunately I didn't take too many photos...)

2. The rest

Things to Try Thursday - 14/05/15

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hello lovely people, how are you doing? I'm currently enjoying being inside, whilst it's a fairly miserable day outside, with a nice cup of tea (Pukka Supreme Matcha Green in case you're wondering), and I like it; I really like grey and rainy weather when I'm inside. There's few 'mundane' (and how I love the mundane sometimes) feelings I love more than being cozed up in bed with a nice book (or you know my good friend Netflix) and a cup of tea, listening to the rain, or even a little thunderstorm. I'm flying home to Germany tonight to go to a good friend's wedding tomorrow, and whilst I'm obviously looking forward to that and also to spending time with my family, I'm also so looking forward to just being in our beautiful family home, because it's just so cozy.

Anyway, let's get to the recipes. This week, some Abel and Cole loving for you all :)

♥ I love how easy and versatile this recipe is. Oh and I also think cabbage is pretty tasty - Emma's cabbage in a pasta

♥ Again so simple, but I bet super delicious - Creamed spinach with lemon breadcrumbs

♥ Since I love rhubarb and have also recently fallen in love with some of the Rude Health products, I think these rude rhubarb spelt scones could be pretty tasty.

♥ Mmmmh mmmhhh - Any apple bread


♥ Also, not recipe-related, but then this is called 'Things' to try, not 'Foods' to try, I keep coming across the concept of having a capsule wardrobe (today via Rosie from Cider with Rosie) and it's sounding so appealing to me at the moment and even though I'm not limiting myself to a particular number, it's definitely something I'm trying to work towards, but I think I'll dedicate another post to solely this :)

I hope you're having a lovely Thursday :) What are your plans for the weekend?



P.S. Do you ever go through your tabs (to close like five of the 30 you've got open or something) and find interesting pages you must have opened in a new tab at some point during the day but don't have a clue where from? It always drives me a little crazy when it happens and I almost have to figure out how I got there.

Eating Out: Nama, Notting Hill

Monday, 11 May 2015

On Saturday I met my two beloved friends, Alice and Rachel, for a long overdue catch-up. We usually like to try a new place to eat when we meet up, and so once more I consulted my Wunderlist of places, I wanted to try out, and I threw three different places at them. One raw and vegan place and two more, let's say usual places (which I'm sure are delicious too and are still on my to try list). Lucky for me, after clearing up some confusion about what exactly 'raw food' is (Daniel is still insisting it's just going to Sainsbury's), they agreed to give Nama in Notting Hill a shot. 

Because of my dearest's nut allergy, I'm never going to have a great career as a vegan, and and at Nama too, my choice of things, I could have, was unfortunately quite limited, but that's ok. As per usual, I had already pretty much made up my mind before going there, I was going to have the 'Zucchini noodles with pomodoro sauce, sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, caramelised onions, black olives and microherbs' (in my case minus the microherbs, I think that was the bit that unfortunately had almonds in), after seeing a photo of it on the Londoner and deciding it didn't matter that this was pretty much the only main I could have. Alice went for the same thing, and Rachel had the Mexican bowl with 'mexican chilli, guacamole, pico de gallo, chipotle cashew sour cream, mixed greens, marjoram, corn dressing, micro herbs and corn chips' (which I unfortunately didn't get a very good photo of).

The courgette tagliatelle were so incredibly delicious, I was expecting good things, but I genuinely didn't think you could create such a rich tomato sauce without cooking it down for a little while. It was so, so tasty. Oh and I will almost definitely have to invest in a spiralizer (maybe the Hemsley and Hemsley one? Do you know a good one?). I have a Julienne peeler, which is good, but it's just too much work and I am too clumsy and in danger of loosing a fingernail or two whilst using it, and so I don't use it very often. Also, because it's so much work, it's almost impossible to make it for more than 2 people.

I also had this good looking juice. But I have to say it was too much 'good' for me (parsley, celery, fennel, cucumber, ginger, lime). I think I went in slightly too much at the deep end, forgetting that I'm still at the 'juice-stage' where I have to balance out the intense stuff (parsley, celery, fennel) with at least a little bit of fruit or just not have ALL THREE in one juice. Next time. 

Overall, I loved this place and shall definitely be going back. Have you been to any cool spots in London recently that you could recommend? 

Have a great day :) 


On changing directions

Saturday, 9 May 2015

#vscocam ;)
When I finished uni, I didn't know what to do, what the next career move would be, so I rushed into the sort of job that I thought it should be. A big corporation job. A big corporation job, which definitely had its perks and was a great experience that in a way I wouldn't want to miss, but at the same time one, I would have known wasn't right for me if only I'd listened to my gut feeling (which was very present). But again, no regrets in the sense that it was still a very useful experience. But now that I do know what I'd like to do, I'd like to very much move into that direction, I want to spend all the time I can working towards getting good at it (and I'll tell you what 'it' is in just a moment). I'm genuinely so incredibly motivated to work on projects that I care about, to do absolutely everything I can to make them a success, because I like working hard, I like being busy and more than anything I like to work towards something I believe in/that I value.

As for the 'it'; I'd like to work in employee engagement. Throughout my career I always thought I wanted to work in Marketing; I like business and I like the psychology of behaviour, I am fascinated by creative and well-done marketing communications, and I just love to see it when everything comes together and marketing campaigns reach their target audience well. What I realised recently is that what I'd really like to be involved in in my day-to-day job is to help people enjoy their everyday at least a little bit more; and since a lot of people spend around 1/3 of their time at work, it seems so worthwhile to use my passion for business and psychology to help businesses make this happen, to help their employees find a connection to their work. To me, it's not all that different from Marketing, it's just that the focus is internal rather than external and the goal is slightly different, but it's still about creating loyalty and trust. I'd love to help businesses find ways to implement all these practices everyone knows can be good for morale and productivity, yet few organisations do, because of issues like trust.

If anyone has any tips for getting into employee engagement, please let me know and I'll be eternally grateful :) In the meantime, I shall be applying to jobs that sound like I can use that empathy of mine to make a difference to somebody's day.

Have a great day,


Things to Try Thursday - 07/05/15

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello lovely people. I used to do this thing called Things to Try Thursday on my old blog for quite a while and I always really enjoyed it, so I decided to start doing it here as well. I've recently not been eating well, and I can really feel the effect it's having on me, which became a lot clearer yesterday, when I read an article by someone who'd eaten pretty much nothing but Whetherspoon food for a week. Now, I haven't done that, but I really haven't eaten much good and nutritious food, and I've definitely had this cycle thing where you always just move between feeling super hungry and feeling sickly full, nothing in-between. So my conclusion is that the healthy and nutritious food definitely needs to start again. Things to Try Thursday is my way of bringing together tasty recipes I find around the internet to give me (and you potentially) some inspiration for what to cook. They're definitely not always healthy, nor do I have any idea about what's actually healthy, but I'll do my best to include at least a couple of, what I feel are healthy, every time.

♥ Maybe more of a winter-y dish, but then I could eat this sort of thing all the time: Spicy chickpea stew with quinoa pilaf

♥ I love all of these things! Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

♥ Always on the lookout for more delicious looking veggie lasagne recipes - Spinach Artichoke Lasagna

Quick Red Lentil and Spinach Curry

♥ And finally something summery :) Although I think we might have to wait a little while for those fresh berries Roasted Berry and Honey Yoghurt Popsicles 

I'd love to hear which cool recipes you've come across this week!


Brené Brown's TED Talk on Vulnerability

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The lovely Marie of Kit and Caboodle Coaching (with whom I'm having a proper session on Thursday wahey!) recommended Brené Brown's TED talk on vulnerability to me, and it's so so great, so I thought I'd share it with you too.

I've had my own journey to becoming more vulnerable, and whilst it can sometimes be painful, really painful,  it's also helped me to be a happier, more joyful person overall. I genuinely sometimes just sit there thinking just how happy I am about aspects of my life and that in itself makes me even happier; the fact that I'm able to feel and appreciate it. But of course that's not to say that I don't still have a long way to go, because I do. Ideally I'd like it to start feeling more like a conscious choice, rather than a little accidental, but I'm sure I'll get there

P.S. How nice is it to listen to the stormy weather when you're inside right now (of course I'm hoping it doesn't get worse and cause damage or anything, but right I think it's nice.)