I'm back.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Well hello. Long time no see. Without going into it too much, I wasn't feeling too well these last couple of months, hence the absence, but now I'm back and trying to figure some things out :) and I want to get back into this blogging thing, because I've missed it.
I'm taking some time at the moment to really think about what I want, where I'd like to go in the future, career and otherwise. I always thought that knowing these things would just come automatically with getting older, and in a way they have; I am a lot clearer on what's important to me now compared to a year ago, but it still takes a lot more active thinking about than I imagined. So today, since my main aim of this blog is still to act as a photo diary, a little update on what I've been up to recently.

Hiking and Photography
I've been getting myself outdoors a lot more recently, and it's been so good for me, I've hugely enjoyed it.  I always like using these walks as an opportunity to take photos of the outdoors and to get a better understanding of how light works. Speaking of photos, Daniel's brother has asked me to do the, more or less, official photo taking of their daughter's christening on Sunday, which should be fun. 
But other than taking photos, I've enjoyed the actual walking and hiking so much so, that I went out with my mum to buy some hiking boots the other day (who'd have thought that Converse aren't (I repeat, are not) ideal footwear for hiking up a mountain?). I came across a yoga and hiking retreat the other day which sounds really cool and which I'm seriously considering (now that I've got the appropriate footwear and that). 

Speaking of Yoga...
I've also been doing a lot of yoga and again, it makes such a difference to my days, even if it's just 15 minutes before going to bed. At the beginning of the month, I took part in the April Yoga challenge hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl and whilst it helped me greatly to get on my mat every day and do some form of yoga, I realised I was becoming obsessed with just managing the poses, which really isn't what these challenges OR yoga as a whole are about, and it made me quite disappointed in myself. I wasn't kind to my body anymore, for example the last of the three photos above, my body manages it, because my hips are hyper-flexible; the right thing would have been to put some blocks under my knees to support my hips though. I'd sort of become addicted to the feeling of managing a new pose, and in that completely lost what yoga is actually about. BUT at least I realised and I decided to take a step back, quit the challenge and focus on the basics again, which felt really great too, hello a million sun salutations. 

I've also been following the lovely Ché's journey to becoming a yoga teacher and it's made me realise that it's something I'd really like to do too (what an inspiring lady!). It just seems like the sort of journey that would be good for me to take right now, soooo I'm seriously considering it!

I've also kept up with knitting and I love it so. Thanks again to the forever wonderful Siobhan for teaching me last year. So far I've made three scarfs, some pulse warmers (which actually help me so to stay warm when I'm cold), two hats, a handbag and I'm currently in the process of making my first jumper. There's just something about doing something manual with my hands and seeing the progress immediately, it's deeply satisfying. I've also bought myself a crochet needle, so that's next on the list to learn.

Drinking tea and spending quality time with the people close to me
I have a never ending love for tea, it's just so great. Other than that, I have even more love for the people in my life, and I'm genuinely so grateful for them. I've been making a more conscious (and ongoing) effort to be more present when talking to my loved ones and to actively listen (which of course should be the natural thing to do, but sadly often isn't). 

Sitting down and having a think what the things I'd like to pursue are
Like I mentioned at the beginning, I always thought it'd be a lot clearer, and that I'd just naturally be working on them the whole time, but I'm not, I'm actually overwhelmed a lot of the time, by all the things I'd like to do and achieve and often I end up making time for them, but being so overwhelmed I don't get much done. At the moment, I'm trying to take the time to make active decisions about the things that I'd like to play a role in my every day or at least week, the things I'd like to work on in order to get better and better at them. You've probably read about this a million times, but just in case you haven't, I think this 2 list strategy by Warren Buffett is quite useful. Here's an article by James Clear about it: click.

So yeah, that's it from me for today. I hope you have a wonderful day.