Edinburgh I

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I'm so behind on telling you about all my little adventures, but I shall not give up and rather try to catch up, so today I thought I'd share the first lot of our photos from Edinburgh. We went there mid-August for the Fringe Festival and we had the bestest time! It was our first experience staying at an Airbnb place, but it couldn't have been better (thanks Tim!). I stole a lot of the recommendations that people had made to the lovely Rosie (naughty I know) and a lot of the ones the wonderful Siobhan made on her blog, put them in a little Wunderlist (I've started a sub-list for all cities, and whenever I hear about a cool spot, I note it down, regardless of whether I have any intent of going to that city at that moment in time), so we could work our way through them. These recommendations meant that we went to the coolest places, which made me so so happy!

The first evening we went for dinner at Crafters Barn and we loved it so much, we went back a second time on our last evening. I didn't actually get any good shots of the food (because we were starving and I went straight in there), but it was absolutely delightful. Especially the Fondant we had for dessert was worth writing poems about. I'd also like to note here, that I loved that the waiter chose a beer for each one of us from the huge menu (I was a bit lost) and he actually captured what I like so so well. 
Obviously there was a lot of card flourishing going on at all stages. 
We then went to see Josie Long, who was hilarious followed by the Queens Arm pub, which had a really cool, relaxed atmosphere. 
Random photo of one of the venues.
We didn't take many photos in the day time, but here's some more food.

This was at Mary's Milk Bar and was some of the best icecream I've ever eaten! I went for dark chocolate and milk mmmmmhhh. Although I have to say, having to decide between milkshake and just icecream was a real struggle. 

The next evening went to the vegetarian restaurant David Bann and again, I'm so so glad we went! We were really lucky, because even though we meant to go for food before the two comedy shows we went to that night, we got a bit lost, so we were absolutely delighted to see that this restaurant we'd wanted to try anyway was still open at about 11 o'clock. But not just that, it was also really, really tasty.
For starter I had a ravioli parcel with artichoke, chickpea and basil, which was wonderful.
Tartlet of caramelised onion, smoked cheese and dried tomato, which was similarly tasty.
For mains, we both went for mushroom strudel with mash and vegetarian veg - pure comfort food!
And for dessert, we ehm Daniel had...
...Hot Peach and Raspberry Tart! He let me try a tiny bite, and it was delicious as well. You might be able to tell by now, that I can only highly recommend this place. 
I like this one quite a lot, I'd even go as far as saying he's my love :)