Eating Out || Ozone Coffee Roasters

Sunday, 18 May 2014

London's beautiful at the moment, which is why I decided yesterday, that Daniel and I should go on one of our little days out in London this weekend. Well, what better way is there to start the day than with a hearty brunch? I consulted Twitter, and as per usual was very impressed with the recommendations that came my way (a lot were noted down in my Restaurants to Try Wunderlist, so thank you everyone, you don't understand how much I appreciate all your tips for life restaurants). 
I want to try a whole bunch of Brunch places in the near future, and today we made a start with Ozone Coffee Roasters, and oh boy were we happy! It's located near Old Street (so also close to my work, score!) and even though it's a super cool place (they have Aesop soap in the bathroom (just saying), friendly waiters/waitresses, delicious food and beautiful interior, i.e. the pretty perfect mix), we didn't have to wait for a table, which made me very happy before we even sat down! I know it's nice when there's hype, but I'm just not one for queuing for 2 hours and being chased away as soon as you put down your fork (ehem Breakfast Club). Here's some photos. 
Let's just get this one of my handsome man out of the way. It wouldn't be a day out for us, if there wasn't some flourishing and many many photos of it involved (I won't post them all, you can see this one as representative). 
How cool is this? I don't actually drink coffee (I wish I did, but apparently I'm still not enough of an adult. I only drink it, when I absolutely have to, and then I make a face (which my nan finds HILARIOUS btw).
Look at all these pastries! They were tasty, but I do wish they were more French Boulangerie (I'm a pastry snob, they were good, but you know I just wanted them to be perfect).
Yeah that's right: Perfectly poached eggs (JUST like we make them at home (minus the crying)
That's what it looked like as a whole dish: Eggs Benedict with Mushroom and Spinach (with Bacon instead of the veg for Daniel) on Bubble and Squeak. De-licious. 

Little cheeky Croissant for what Daniel calls "Breakfast Dessert" (Yeah it needs to be more of a thing).

Like I said, I can fully recommend this place, we had a lovely morning there. We then headed for a walk around Southbank, followed by a little trip to Chin Chin Labs (it's a Sunday alright?!). It's been a pretty perfect Sunday, I hope yours was similarly nice. I'd love to hear what you've been up to :)