Spending Quality Time || My Mum

Saturday, 26 April 2014

So it's taken a while to get to the last post, but I needed a little break from blogging, because I managed to get myself a lovely little (massive) eye infection again which kind of spoiled Easter a little bit. I spent the majority of it in a dark room doing nothing, the one comfort there was this time was that I didn't only have Daniel be my little wonderful nurse (which is already a huge comfort), but also my mum there. You know, sometimes you just need your mum. Anyway I'm not meaning to talk about the things my mum and I do when I'm sick, but what we do in general.

Well, we pretty much are the Gilmore Girls. We not only love them, but there's so much we have in common with Rory and Lorelai, we have a very close relationship, speak the sarcastic language fluently, talk about everything and love evenings spent with takeaways, films and each others company! When I was younger, we'd often write each other letters when we didn't see much of each other during the day. I'd put one out for my mum at nighttime and in the morning, when I woke up, there'd always be a response waiting for me. I always really loved this little tradition and think it would be a lovely thing to do if I have a daughter of my own one day. These days when I'm home we still try to spend as much time as possible together, we go for long walks with the dogs, watch films (most recently About Time which is definitely one of my favourite films), make cake pops together (even though she's way better, it's still really fun to give them a go, you can see her cake pop adventures on her Instagram) and curl up laughing watching Modern Family (her favourite is Gloria, my current one is Lily, but it changes constantly!).
I might not live at home or even close to home anymore, but I know she's still there for me, always. I know that she'd still drop everything when something's wrong with me, and it's an incredibly good and comforting feeling to know I have a mum like this.

I have a pretty glorious family and I'm genuinely so very grateful to have them! I'd love to hear your family stories, what you get up with them, what they're like :) Either in the comments, or if you have a blog post on them, link me up.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. I know I posted the photo before, but it's just one of my favourites of my mum!

Spending Quality Time || My Brother Niklas

Sunday, 13 April 2014

So it's a little bit more difficult to get my brother to spend time with me, we're still working hard on turning the "arghhh she's so annoying"s and "MUM tell him to turn the music down"s down, but generally speaking we get on pretty well now, and I'm so pleased about it, because I do like this boy who's actually grown up to be something like a man quite a lot!
My brother studies Graphic Design in Germany, and his course has a heavy emphasis on photography. So, the way to get his attention is by taking some really bad photos. Only joking. Well half joking, I don't actively take bad photos to get his attention, but he just can't help giving me his often not so complimentary comments. Anyhow, I always do try to get little lessons from him, on photoshop (elements), on my camera and on composition, which I find so so helpful, because it's all nice and good to read tips online, but it's so much better to be shown on your camera and on your computer with your particular version of a programme. So that makes for some really enjoyable time too, and breaks the habit of just doing food with everyone a little bit. Although we did do food too, he got a BBQ for his birthday and treated us to delicious food a number of times. He makes this delicious oil marinade that he keeps brushing the meat (or veg and grill cheese in my case) in, which is oh so tasty.
He's a pretty cool person, and I enjoy spending time with him immensely. Anyway, no photos of people, but I thought I'd share some of the results of our little lessons!

I hope you've had a great weekend!

Spending Quality Time || My Grandad

Monday, 7 April 2014

When I was a child, my grandad taught me how to swim, and after a Bypass surgery, I'd go swimming with him to help him strengthen his body again after the surgery, so after all those calories we've already burnt years ago, what we do these days is go for ice-cream (well ice-cream for me and coffee for him, he's diabetic). Anyway, whilst I love being taken out for some delicious ice-cream to start with, it's made whole worlds better by having incredibly interesting conversations with my grandad. These conversations are completely different to the ones I have with my grandma, but I love them both equally. With my grandad it's more about business, how things have evolved and I tend to find these chats so inspirational, he's achieved so much in his life and I love hearing his views on things (even if they're a bit wacky at times). He also incredibly knowledgable about a vast array of subjects, which I find fascinating, I love learning things from him and/or increasing my understanding of them.

Last week we managed to go for ice-cream twice and I had a great time, one time we actually stayed for two hours chatting away, which was lovely. Although I might have to consider other pass times with him, since this might start showing on my hips a bit too much :)

Hope you're all having a good start to the week.



Spending Quality Time || My Aunt aka Susanne aka Susi aka Suzette

Friday, 4 April 2014

2nd up is my lovely aunt Susi. I've decided to just tell you the trend straight up, the main thing I do with people is food related. There, I said it, but still I thought it'd be nice to share. I love spending time with her, we're very similar in many ways and one of the main things we share is our interest in a healthy lifestyle (especially the food side in my case), so what better to do than to check out a new super interesting sounding restaurant that opened near us. We usually do food related things, whether it's cook together, go for food together or even just order pizza together (as we're about to tonight, not so healthy, but much needed nonetheless). Apart from that in Winter we also like to go to the sauna, which has to be the most relaxing thing to do in Winter, especially the snuggling up in a dressing gown in the lounge bit with a cooling Apfelschore (Apple Juice with Sparkling Water, England you really need to start making this a thing, it's delicious) afterwards.
Anyway, back to this week, where we went to Herzenslust in Saarbr├╝cken. I have to say I expected more of a deli/bistro type place, and not this amazing mixture of cool, elegant and delicious food!
We both had exactly the same: A phyllo parcel filled with goats cheese served with chargrilled watermelon and tasty pesto for starter which was DE-licious! And then for mains we had cauliflower blinis with mushrooms, capers and "green sauce" and it was definitely some of the tastiest vegetarian food that I've been served lately.
Susi also managed to find us deliciously crisp white wine that went down a treat. We're both not huge dessert people, so we first declined dessert, but I found everything so delicious that I just had to order one (which we semi-shared (semi-share because Susi didn't want any, but then did find it pretty tasty)). For this I went for lemon tart with walnut parfait. Yeah, pretty good too!

I had such a great, relaxed evening with my beloved aunt, and we had some great conversations. I generally find talking to her very uplifting, because her views on things are usually very refreshing. I wish we could have these evenings together more often, but at the same time, I'm extremely grateful that when I am home, we make time to spend evenings like this together.

Again, I'd love to hear any small traditions you have with friends and/or family members.
Have a great weekend.



Spending Quality Time || My Grandma.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Apologies for the quality, but I love the photo so wanted to include it!
I'm very happy to say that this week at home I'm actually managing to spend/have spent some quality time with every member of my family, both individually and together, and it's been so good, like so so so good. With everyone in my family I have small little traditions of what we do together when we find the time, so I thought I'd put together a couple of posts to talk about them. Today I'm starting with my grandma. 

She's an amazing lady and I always so thoroughly enjoy spending some good 1:1 time. When we find the time, we go on little days out to an old small city near us, where we first go for breakfast. And by this I mean we have breakfast, we don't just quickly strengthen for the day, but we have huge amounts of food, coffee and tea over a long period of time and have lovely long conversations. It's actually become my favourite part of the day. 

After this we hit the shops. And by this I really mean strolling around very slowly continuing our little chats and having a browse here and there. Ok I also get absolutely spoiled but that's genuinely not why I enjoy these days. I enjoy spending time with my nan who's still so fit she can walk around with me and absolutely hilarious to talk to. I also love hearing all kinds of stories about her life and all the places she's been to, which is too many to even count! She's been to all continents (except Antarctica) and I once tried to make a world map highlighting all the places she's been to for her 70th birthday. I quickly semi-regretted the idea, because it turned out quite a task, but then again it was also pretty interesting and it's needless to say it made for some pretty cool stories. 
I thought I'd include a couple of photos here, I'm sure you'll excuse the quality, but you know back in the days, wasn't so much with good digital photo quality. 

Yesterday we were especially blessed with some proper spring time weather which made the little day out even more perfect. Over the next couple of days/weeks I'll be sharing with you what kind of things I get up to with the different members of my family, and I'd absolutely love it if you shared your little traditions with me in the comments too, I'd genuinely love to hear them.

Have a wonderful day!


P.S. One last little story, when I took the top photo, I said that we should take a photo of ourselves, and she said "You mean take a selfie". So yeah my dearest nan is definitely more with the cool kids than I am.