Borough Market... Finally

Saturday, 22 February 2014

So I finally went to Borough Market and boy was it worth it, it's literally something like my paradise and it's made me probably too happy to be there. The only thing I regretted was going there hungry, I instantly felt this very urgent need to eat and I wish I'd taken more time to decide, to bother queuing for the proper good stuff, instead I just got a Bubble Cheese Bap, which was ok, but nothing compared to what was out there. Anyway it got me ready to actually go exploring, because I finally managed to think a little clearer again, so I could take some photos and buy some proper bread (which I miss of so much in England usually), veg, cheese and proper good quality olive oil. Whilst I fortunately unfortunately can't share the food I bought with you, here's at least a couple of photos.
How tasty does this look? It's Raclette cheese, and no it's not just boring slices of it in a pan, it's half a cheese that's under heat and they scrape off the melted goodness from the top. What a brilliant idea and yes I pretty much need this in my belly. Yum-my.