Sunshine Happiness

Monday, 1 July 2013

Today I feel very happy, I don't know if it's actually anything to do with the sun coming out, but I just feel really happy and grateful and you know, so I thought I'd blog about it to capture it :)

This morning I went for a little nice trip with my grandma (who I love so very dearly). We went to Trier, which is a super old city near me that we always go to for breakfast and some shopping, which has just kind of become our thing and I love to have a thing with everybody. I watch films/series (hello Gilmore Girls and Modern Family) and go to the cinema with my wonderful mum, in the winter I go to the sauna with my lovely aunt and I go for breakfast and shopping with my nan, and as with the other two, I treasure every minute of it! She's one of the people closest to my heart and one of the most loving, generous people I know.
The other thing, I realised I was really happy about, was missing Daniel. I was in France last year and then I really hated the whole missing thing, because it was annoying, because it was a permanent thing, but now we live together I think it's a positive thing, it reminds me how happy he makes me and that I've got someone to miss, which I find very nice. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Not that my heart isn't fond enough usually... but I love seeing him again as well :)

I know this is a slightly soppy post (and very happy), but you know, I thought I'd share the love, people. I also always read these posts on Lisette Loves (in a slightly different, more organized format) and I always enjoy reading them, so I thought why on earth not!
What are you happy about at the moment?


  1. your dogs are lush! So is this post, made me smile! So nice you have little things you do with ur family.Me and my mum have been watching the Kardashians on a sunday for couple of years. 'our thing' Lol. GREAT post!!

    1. that's nice! It doesn't even matter what the thing is, but it's nice to have one! Thank you :)