7 legs and 2 friendly faces; Meet our two beautiful dogs

Sunday, 30 June 2013

This is Mia, she's from Spain and has only got three legs, which according to Daniel looks like an optical illusion, because she still runs like crazy, and which doesn't really bother her at all for now. She's super lovely but at the same time the most hyper dog you could possibly imagine. Where she takes all this energy from, I do not know, 
I just wish she'd share it with me. We adopted her last year to keep Paul, see below, company after our last dog sadly passed away. 
This is Mister Paul. He's fully equipped with 4 legs and also one of the loveliest dogs you could imagine. Anyone who says dogs don't want to be used for cuddling will be proven wrong when they meet Paul, he's the most cuddliest dog anyone has ever seen. He doesn't know many words, but apart from sit and lie down, he knows head (where he nestles his head against your chest) and lap, where he jumps on your lap with his front two legs and again nestles up against you, it's the cutest thing, especially because he's everything but little. 

A Very Warm Welcome Home

Saturday, 29 June 2013

The day after the night we got back from our holiday, I headed straight back to the airport to fly home. As much as I love living in my own flat (which we don't even do at the moment, because we just moved out and still have to find a new one), I always always always absolutely love coming home. It's so good to be the kid again, to sleep in my own room, to play with the dogs and to spend time with my family. I do always miss them dearly when I'm in the UK for months at a time, but at the same time, I really think we spend more quality time together this way, because whenever I'm home, we all actually make an effort to spend time together and to make it count, rather than just living along side each other.

My mum often has little cute surprises for me when I come back, but this time she surprised me even more than usual, she got me these beautiful flowers and a super cute Alice in Wonderland scarf.

I especially love this scarf! I'm not usually one for playful/comic clothes, but first of all this so pretty, but more importantly it came with a special message which I will always remember when I see the scarf. Mum bought it for me to always remember to keep my curiosity, my slight craziness and to just be happy and not take everything too heavily. A perfect present to come home to after finishing uni when everything just feels so daunting, right? 

Mum turned 50 yesterday and to celebrate we spent a couple of days in paradise!

Friday, 28 June 2013

My lovely mum turned 50 yesterday, so major celebrations were in order. She had spent ages trying to come up with the perfect way to celebrate, she wanted something with just family and if possible something away from home to escape all the everyday stress properly.
A friend of hers recommended a lovely hotel in Alsace, which we all thought sounded perfect so that's where we went! We were expecting a beautiful place, but what we found was close to paradise.
Mum, my nan and I went there a day earlier, so we could spend all of her birthday relaxedly wandering about town, and my aunt, brother and granddad joined us yesterday evening for a birthday meal.

The first evening we went for a slightly more casual meal - still very delicious, look at all this cheese!

And of course there was still champagne. 1) We can't take a 50th birthday weekend lightly (or you know during the week but hej) 2) My nan loves that stuff (who doesn't)

Mum and I stayed up chatting until midnight, which I thought was the perfect time to give her her present. I put together 50 "thoughts, memories and wishes" for her, so it was nice for her to actually have time to go through them. One of my mum's friends even wrote a little poem about the relationship between mother-daughter for this occasion, which formed the perfect last note.
I'm super glad my mum seemed to like her present! I'm so pleased with this photo, it's so nice and natural and doesn't my mum look beautiful?

The next morning started with super delicious breakfast and actually perfectly boiled eggs (I didn't think this was even a thing in hotels). Unfortunately it rained like crazy, so we just went to an outlet shopping centre (where I found the perfect trenchcoat, almost like it was my birthday). But then we were super lucky and the sun came out for a nice coffee and champagne (of course) in the sun.

Then it was time for my personal favourite part of mum's birthday: DINNER! 

We had a wonderful evening with lots of good food and are now back at home :) One last time, happy birthday mum, you're the bestest! 
(This photo isn't from yesterday but I thought I'd post it anyway, because it's my favourite recent photo of my mum and I :) )

Tea at two.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

(Before I forget, I have to credit Daniel for the title of the blogpost, it was his genius idea and I'm just copying him, because he's cool and I'm still learning how to be cool).

After the loveliest holidays of all holidays, it took us absolute ages to get back. The flight was pleasant like on the way there (it was with a different (much nicer) airline than it was supposed to be), but the journey home from the airport was a bit of a nightmare. Normally there's a direct train from Gatwick to Daniel's house (obviously not literally, but you know), but not Sunday, no no. We had to go from Gatwick to Victoria and from Victoria to King's Cross, from where we could then get our final train home.

From Victoria to King's Cross, we had an unpleasantly rude bus driver. First he let us stand in the cold, then he just drove to the stop 10m ahead without even signalling it, even though we had formed a proper queue in front of it, and then he decided to accept Daniel's ticket and reject mine (even though we had the exact same tickets). This made me a bit annoyed, I wasn't feeling great, it was in the middle of the night, and he then had to top it off by starting to drive without issuing me a ticket, which made the whole thing a lot more difficult than it needed to be. Anyway I stopped being angry when I saw someone else thank the rude bus driver on his way out, which made me think that it's much nicer to stay a friendly person yourself even if others aren't. I also tried to make myself realize that I don't have a clue what sort of day he had had. Maybe his girlfriend broke up, maybe his son was ill and he wanted to be with him.

Anyway, then when we got to King's Cross, we realised that we had just missed our train by like 3 minutes, which meant we had to wait another hour. Luckily there's a Starbucks at King's Cross AND they were playing good music, so even though it was past two o'clock in the morning at that point, I actually enjoyed the rest of the journey home. Daniel played with cards, I took photos of it and we chatted about everything and nothing, about how we've finished uni now and have to become proper adults with real jobs.

I like these moments in the middle of the night, when everything around you has slowed down a little and you have a good chat with someone close to your heart.

Gran Canaria 2013

Monday, 24 June 2013

We really didn't believe it was still going to happen, we had been looking at potential holidays for so many days 
it had become a pretty full time occupation, aaaaand we found nothing. Actually that's a lie, we found some cool looking holidays, but then when we took all our courage to look at the couple of negative reviews we were told 
people had suffered from life threatening injuries and/or food poisining etc etc and whilst we of course don't really know the actual circumstances and to what degree the hotel was to blame, it just didn't feel right. But then when we had already given up, Daniel had one last look, simply because the search window was still open on his macbook and and and guess what, he only went and found us a holiday in paradise! We stayed in the Cordial Playa in Gran Canaria for a week and it was incredible. I had such a great time and it was good to spend some time with Daniel that wasn't in exam and coursework captivity in our flat and definitely not actually very sociable in nature.

Daniel managed to really improve on his jumping in the pool style. I personally think his talents are wasted on Computer Science and he should become a professional at pool jumping!
We didn't actually take a lot of holiday-y photos, because we're still working on taking more photos with us in them (we'll get there eventually) so obviously the rest of the photos are of our favourite things: food and cards (obviously durrrrhh). 

I don't know about you, but when we eat, we eat. We don't just have one lame plate of food for breakfast, we have a main course and then we have breakfast dessert as Daniel calls it. During our holiday, we were reminded several times that this is not normal in most people's opinion. One day they'd clear our table whilst we were gone to get our dessert, another the waiter would give me the most unbelieving look when I asked him for more cutlery. My bad, but the food was just so delicious. 

Gazpacho is so incredibly refreshing! I could have bathed in it, with little cheeky crispy bits of bread - delicious. 

The above is pretty much my perfect dinner composition for every single day, two of my favourite foods of all times assembled on one single plate - divine. 

We played a game I'd never heard of before called "speed". Daniel introduced it as a game I was going to like and where I was going to scream and oh boy was he right. It's so much fun and I definitely screamed more than once too!

Now we're back in the cold and I'm actually sipping on some jasmine tea, I do like it cozy too. What have you guys been up to last week? 

14/06/13 London Town

Friday, 14 June 2013

Today I went into London to have a little wander, get new clothes for my holiday and most important of all: go to Wholefoods. I missed that place. If there is such a thing as paradise, mine would look pretty much like the Piccadilly Wholefoods Store. It's just actually perfect! I could happily just sit there all day and wander through the aisles and eat their food and I decided today that if I could only ever eat in one place for the rest of my life (leaving out Michelin type establishments), I'd choose that Wholefoods, they have sushi and pizza and a deli and a lunchbar with different things every day and best of all, it's probably healthier than the food at most places. Yum yum yum.

Anyway just because I love London so much, here's some photos from today.

I walked past this beautiful café and just had to take a photo, all the cakes looked so nice!

Delicious lunch at Wholefoods. I think Wholefoods has some of the best sushi, and it's so filling because of the brown rice (I'm aware I'm probably just imagining this). 

Moving Out.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On Tuesday we moved out of our first flat together. It was probably the first place I lived in away from "home home" that at least felt a little bit like home. Like when we'd go back there after the holidays, I'd feel like I was going home, even if it was just from one home to another. A couple of days before Tuesday, we went out in Loughborough one last time, and whilst it was to probably my least favourite club there (it's cooled dirty echoes for a reason, you've got to be careful everything is very sticky), we ended up having a really good time!

I didn't have too much time about getting sentimental though, because I was too busy being annoyed about having to move. It's just so much work. How can this much stuff even fit into such a little flat?

To cheer us up after a long long day of packing our lives into boxes once again, we rewarded ourselves with beloved Dominos pizza, we even treated ourselves to a double decadence base and some Coronas. Yum Yum.

I don't know about you, but I personally can absolutely not wait to move into an apartment/house without a move-out by date, where it's worth putting in a lot of effort to make it ours. So this is the end of me being a student, I'll probably pop up a couple of posts about tips for uni in general/for being a student in Loughborough in particular :) 

Playing with Cards.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Daniel loves playing cards, so we often find ourselves in some sort of café him playing with cards and me taking photos of it, so I guess that's the sort of thing you'll see on here quite often! 

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hej :) I have finally finished university, so I thought entering the adult world would be a great opportunity to start a new, more diary meets lifestyle blog to separate these posts from my food posts a little more. If you're interested in my food ones, you can find them here
This blog will be a little like an Instagram account or a Tumblr, the only difference being that the photos are not always necessarily square (have that Instagram) and will often be accompanied by a little bit of text.
Because I chose the end of my university career to start this blog, I thought it would only be appropriate to show you how we celebrated our evening. 

We started off with some delicious champagne that my amazing grandma sent us. She loves that stuff and wants everyone to have access to it, even poor students. What can I say, it was muchly appreciated!

We then went on to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in Loughborough. The Thai Grand. As you would expect on a Tuesday night, it was packed. Or not - glad I made a reservation. As per usual, it was super tasty, please tell me I'm not the only one, who would happily bathe in Thai Green Curry? 

After dinner we went to see the Great Gatsby. I was actually a little bit disappointed. No I haven't read the book and thought it didn't follow the plot well enough, nor did I think the modern music was inappropriate (quite the opposite I thought that was very well made), but I just thought for the little storyline there is to it, it was dragged out way too long. What a shame, I wanted to like it so badly. (Do you ever get this that you really really want to like something? VitaCoco has to be my biggest one, I've it tried so many times, but just can't get myself to like it. If anyone has any tips on how else I could become cool, please let me know haha). 

I have to say the realization that we have finished uni has only really kicked in now (a whole week later).